MMA Diaries


Awais “The Assassin” Raja , is one of the most experienced local MMA Fighters.

in this chapter we will show you the life of this Fighter, who not only is fighting in the Ring, but also in his real life.
The Assassin, a former manager in a local cafe who then managed to find his fame after meeting Bashir Ahmad who mentored him to fight and to take his profession to the next level.


The story of social mobility is not to often told in Pakistan as its not as newsworthy as a Pakistan’s cricket team or the efforts to address terrorism. Through the documentary we wanted to show that Pakistan has a different story to tell. It is a country that is supporting the upward mobility of its marginalized population -the youth- to escape alive predestined by circumstances at birth. MMA diaries aims to show the ability to fight and compete in the sport of mixed martial arts and move out of a rigid class system giving hope and inspiration to those facing bleak and class-bound futures.

With its exciting blend of wrestling and boxing, mixed martial arts is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Events attractthousands of spectators and millions tuning to watch the UFC. In Pakistan there are around 500 die-hard fighters who are willing to take their talent to an international level and represent the country.


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